PPC (pay per click)

Conversion generation!
  • Yes, SEO – is awesome! But it is not always possible to be in top searched. PPC – is your help in this case!

  • Will wrap needed amount of keywords and phrases in any niche. One key – one notice.

  • You already know what is CTR and want it more and more? Our average CTR rate is 15-20%. Want to try? See our portfolio below.

  • Will describe and tell what to change on your site for better conversion!

Yandex Direct

Google Adwords

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  • Key wrapping.
  • Link notice attributes: quick links, business card, Url-builder, pictures for YAN (Yandex Advertising Network) and GDN ( Google Display Network).
  • Set the strategy, cost per click, targeting
  • Installing Yandex Metric and Google Analytics, setting up goals and conversion tracking.
  • In addition, carrying out post analysis of campaign through Yandex Metric and Google Analytics.
  • Campaign optimization.
  • Monthly campaign maintenance.

PPC or pay per click - is a complex marketing tool aimed at fast attracting of targeted traffic to your site. The main principle of its work is the ability to create personalized ads and show them only to those users who are really interested in your products or services.

In the company Worldshop-web you can order PPC services of any kind and format: thematic or search, text or banner. We will help you set up PPC advertising to maximize the use of targeted traffic to your site, which will increase your profits as a result.

Why is it worth to order the setup and maintenance of contextual advertising with us?

  • Results orientation. The experience of our specialists allows us to work effectively with any budgets and subjects of sites;
  • The desire to self improving. We constantly analyze the results and work on their improvement.
  • Communication with customers. Our experts will analyze your site and tell you what you need to change or add to improve your conversion.
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